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Interior Designer, Cambridge, Boston, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  


Emily Pinney

Emily Pinney has over 18 years of experience in high end residential design. After years of working professionally in interior design firms around Boston, Emily began her own Design Firm, Pinney Designs Inc. in 2010.

Emily holds a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design from the Boston Architectural College and studied Furniture and Lighting Design in Florence, Italy. She continues to curate a wide-ranging library of experience; traveling fervently to pick & pull the textures of the world into her work. For Emily, a love for color matched with confident decisiveness and an eye for good design has served her tenfold over the course of her career. Emily's work has been featured in nationally renown design magazines and publications such as New England Home, The Boston Globe, and DESIGN New England.

From designing apartments in luxury high rises in Boston and NYC to high-end properties in the mountains of Vermont and coastal Nantucket, she has worked closely with a number of satisfied clients creating truly individual spaces for each. Emily believes in creating original spaces that reflect a person's life, interests and personal style. This passion for bringing the home to the front page of a persons life can be seen in the established personal touch she paints in every project.

Meet The Team 


Katherine EllioTT


Katherine Elliott grew up in Edenton, North Carolina. She has a Bachelors degree in interior design and historic preservation from Salem College. She worked for four years as Project Manager at Janie Molster Designs out of Richmond, Virginia. Now a Boston transplant, Katherine has joined the team as Pinney Designs Project Manager. 

Katherine’s experience serves her with an intuitive grasp of the logistics and language of the industry. A master of the search and find, client satisfaction and spacial perfection are at the forefront of her dynamic design approach. Katherine’s ability to find the perfect piece that not only anchors itself tactfully into a drawing but brings an entire room full circle is already proving its worth with our newest clients. 

A lover of all things beautiful and thoughtful, Katherine enjoys needlepoint, tablescaping, photography and styling. She looks forward to getting to know Boston even more by eating her way through its best restaurants and running along its most gorgeous parks and landmarks.




Brittney Lombardo

Brittney Lombardo holds a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from The New England Institute of Art.

Brittney's library of knowledge in the industry serves her with a well married creative and analytical work ethic. With a strong emphasis on coordination, Brittney engages every project head on with decisiveness and skill. Brittney’s precision in organization and project management makes her a vital piece of the firms day to day success. She has cultivated an astounding design aesthetic seen in her work on our North End and Nantucket projects.

When she's not putting the pieces together for presentations or contacting vendors to fulfill client deadlines, she is curating ideas that bring energy and fullness to the firms creative culture. Outside of the office Brittney spends her time in the cycling studio and surrounded by the love of her big family.





Sienna MacArthur

After interning for Pinney Designs during the Summer of 2016, Sienna took a hiatus from the firm to explore Masters Programs in France. She now joins us once again as our newest Design Assistant!

She holds a Bachelors Degree in Art History from Concordia University in Montréal where she curated a strong appreciation for Architecture and a well rounded scope of the decorative arts.

Sienna grew up around the beautiful drawls of language. Bilingual in English and French, she spent her childhood on her family's maple sugaring farm in upstate New York and in Southern France. The historical focus of her education and international background complement brilliantly in her pursuit of international design trends. She has a distinct open-minded approach to re-imagining a clients' design direction. She aims to reconnect the hierarchy between architecture and interior design with her aesthetic vision and continues to provide a unique edge to the firm.