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Ellisha Alexina in Office!

Elizabeth Tobin

A few weeks back we had up and coming textile designer Ellisha Alexina in the office to show us her collections! What we loved most was hearing about her process. The patterns are formulated through a mixed media technique that blends screen printing and hand painting each design, tradition meets technology. This is atechnique she developed at art school and was encouraged to pursue, exclusively to the trade. What was so clear to see through her passionate presentation was the maker, right there, present and happy to share all that her experience has awarded her. It was encouraging to hear how the presence of a mentor, and years of 'getting it right', guided her to stepping out on a limb and launching her own textile brand.

Her Instagram offers daily inspiration of all aspects of Ellisha Alexina, from work desk sketches to global artisans making her designs come to life. It is definitely an account we scour for inspiration! We love when we get the opportunity to really get to know the vendors, craftsmen, and makers we work with in our projects. Keep up with us for more on industry movers and shakers we love!

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Making an Entrance!

Elizabeth Tobin


First impressions are important. But a good designer knows it doesn't take a grand staircase and 13ft ceilings to impress who walks through the door. Sometimes it can be a clients existing antique bench or that perfect round mirror that truly ties together a stylish entryway. Whatever the clients style, a perfect entry in my opinion, is simple and a little surprising.

Front entry at our Cambridgeport Project

Front entry at our Cambridgeport Project


Whether it's a door color that makes a bold statement or the perfect pattern collaboration in a more traditional home, there are certain strong design elements that can coexist in the simplest of places. Take a glimpse through our gallery below of some strong architectural statements in a few of our projects. Want to see what inspires us? Follow our stairs & entry board on Pinterest for daily inspiration!


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A Look Back, Mid-Century Modern and Its Timeless Design

Elizabeth Tobin

In our last blog we looked towards the future and how we're incorporating Mid-Century Modern design into our upcoming Wellfleet project. For this blog, we're taking a look back. We've used some staple Mid-Century Modern pieces in past projects that we've seen popping up in other designers projects too! Instagram and other social media platforms have really allowed a new light to shine on Mid-Century design and how it's being reintroduced to modern day interiors.

Designed in the late 50's, the Eames chair became one of the most recognizable Mid Century design efforts. We've found fun and chic ways to incorporate it in a few of our projects. We've collected them below to show off how they shaped a muted and moody in a Fort Point Condo, worked as a mellow neutral accent to a family dining table, and provided a playful blue structure in a kids office. The Eames chairs timelessness has given it a versatility that is exciting to incorporate no matter the room!

Sometimes it's just that one key piece that really make a space. In a transition home with lots of clean lines it’s nice to have a piece that provides some shape without over powering whole design. I love to use Mid Century Modern Furniture for that exact reason! It's structural design provides the perfect cornerstone to complete a project. The Nelson Pendant is a lighting fixture that we've used in our Cambridgeport project and a few others. I find that they make a great compliment to almost any of our designs.

We’ve used approved reproductions from vendors like Design With In Reach but also from vintage sources like - a source that’s not only great for MCM but also your more typical antiques. Take a look at how we've mixed at matched mid century modern lighting and seating in our projects below!

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