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Go To Neutral Paint Colors

Elizabeth Tobin

Pinney Designs Barrington project-1506.jpg

We get asked a lot what our go to paint colors are. We have a few that are tried and true and that we’ve used time and time again without fail. There's a lot that goes into designing your home and paint colors definitely build the base of you palette so I thought I would share my favorite neutrals with you in this blog post!

My favorite go to for trim is hands down Snowfall White by Benjamin Moore #OC-118. I have not only used it on trim but I’ve also used it for ceilings, walls, cabinets and even furniture! It’s one of those perfect whites that goes with cool and warm color tones. Snowfall White also makes a great backdrop for artwork. I’ve even used it in my office because it works so well with variety of palettes.

Below is an image of where we used Snowfall White for: Trim, Ceiling and walls.

1. Snowfall White by Benjamin Moore #OC-118

Benj Moore Snowfall White .jpg
Barrington, RI. Photo by Jessica Delaney

Barrington, RI. Photo by Jessica Delaney

Cambridgeport, MA. Photo by Ben Gebo

Cambridgeport, MA. Photo by Ben Gebo

Pinney Designs, Inc. Photo by Ben Gebo

Pinney Designs, Inc. Photo by Ben Gebo

White walls don’t work in every space. The general rule of thumb is that if you need to turn on your lights during the day (meaning you don’t get enough natural light during the day without flipping the switch) you need a color on your walls. It doesn’t have to be a dark color, but you need a little.

My recent go-to color for walls has been Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore HC-172. It’s got that same flexibility with both cool and warm color palettes that I just love. Like Snowfall White, I’ve also used this on cabinetry as well.

Revere Pewter is great when you’re trying to blend a warm color tone of the wood floor with the cool tones of upholstery that have been so popular these last few years. This color is another go to for me. It’s got all the right tones but still is very neutral in all the right ways. Sail Cloth by Benjamin Moore OC-142 is another go to for me. It’s got all the right tones but still is very neutral in all the right ways.

Take a look at my remaining choices in the list below and be sure to follow us on Instagram for project photos and studio scenes!

2. Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore HC-172

Revere Pewter - Benjamin Moore.jpg
Sudbury, MA. Photos by Ben Gebo 

Sudbury, MA. Photos by Ben Gebo 


3. Sail Cloth by Ben Moore OC-142

sail cloth .jpg
Back Bay in Boston, MA. Photo by Ben Gebo

Back Bay in Boston, MA. Photo by Ben Gebo

4. Collingwood by Benjamin Moore OC-28

collingwood ben moore.jpg
Nantucket, MA. Photo by Jim Westphalen

Nantucket, MA. Photo by Jim Westphalen

Keep Up With Us !

We bought a home!

Elizabeth Tobin

pinney house.jpg

I’ve shared this news on my Instagram stories and also want to share it here. My husband Brad and I recently bought a home! It's a two-family and we'll continue to rent out the first floor unit and live on the upper two floors. I wouldn’t say it’s our dream home but its exactly what we’ve been looking for, so it’s close to it. We’ve been looking for a home for 3 years! No joke. For those of you unfamiliar with the housing market in our area - houses are on the market for days, not weeks or months like they are in other parts of the state let alone the country.

The house is a two-family in a great neighborhood in Belmont. Which is close to work and has a small town feel - something this New Hampshire native loves. (I have a dream of joining the board of selectmen, but that’s another blog post :).) The house comes with a renter on the first floor unit whom we plan to keep and we’ll live on the top two floors. I would say the floor plan is very typical for a two-family in this area but the set of stairs from the second to third floor is in the center of the apartment making it feel more like a single family home than most two-families. It’s also got a semi-secret set of stairs going to the third floor, which has my 8 year old self all :) :) :) and my new mother set of mind loving it for safety.

The house has great period details from when it was built 100 years ago that have not been ruined by past owners. However it’s also got an awful kitchen and bathrooms that need some serious loving. I don’t want to ever be in the category of someone who ruined the house so we’re planning to keep the awesome period deals and give new life into the areas that are gross. The style we’re going for is Transitional which is a much cleaner design than your typical Traditional. In rooms that have heavy details from 1918 we will be using a lot of bright colors and furniture with clean lines. I’ll be using solid fabrics and keep it really simple.

Below I’ve posted pictures that I’ve been pulling as inspiration. I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be getting to design the home for my family. I said above that it’s not our dream home. So with that in mind there are certain limitations that exist because we know we might not be there forever. And since it’s a two-family the idea is that if we leave it, we’ll keep it as a rental. So with every decision we make, I have to keep in the back of my mind that some day we might rent it out. It's important thorughout the project that I make practical design selections with a renter in mind.

I’m super excited for this project. We have a budget and a quick move in schedule. I want to be in for Toby’s first birthday - but he won’t know if his birthday party is a month late… right?! The goal is April 1 - but it’s already feeling more like May 1. I’m going to post monthly updates here on the blog, for more (updates) and site happenings follow along on our Instagram stories. Be sure to click through the photos below for an inside look at the inspiration i'm pulling for this home on our Pinterest board!

Style Spaces : The Home Office

Elizabeth Tobin

Inspired by today's snow storm and the rare times a year I get to work from home, I'm reminded how much I love designing home offices. The project throws in all sorts of elements of fun when you have to design a space with human productivity in mind. Clients want a space that brings about focus, relaxation, and creativity. It's a fun challenge to consider these spaces as a place for creation and with the right light, warmth, and atmosphere, the home office can be a great place for style that inspires!  


Beverly Farms Project, Photos by Ben Gebo


Cambridgeport Project, Photo by Ben Gebo

It's safe to safe that in design, good lighting is your friend. Whether it's natural or cosmetic, lighting is the first step to really seeing a space. Our Beverly Farms clients had amazing antique furniture that offered a seriousness that we felt fit perfectly into their home office. So we kept the wall color and custom shades light to pull in more natural light and allow for the warmth of their antiques to ground the space. You can keep it simple in spaces like this. A great art piece and a stunning hand woven rug is all you need sometimes. 

If you have a more modern style, organization can be key to designing a minimal and clean lined space. Our Cambridgeport clients opted for bright white storage that opened up to styled bookshelves and had the ability to close off and hide any clutter. What's so unique when working with clients who really want their home offices to represent them is you get to work for a clients creativity. You get to ask questions like "What lighting would be best for reading? How can I emphasize storage alongside style using custom builtins? What accents would bring a clients existing desk center stage? Want more inspiration for your home office? Scroll through our gallery below !

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