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End of Summer

Emily Pinney

Is it just me or is it incredibly hard to accept that summer is officially over? I've spent the summer trying to make our studio a great space to work in for me and the girls. It will be somewhere that we're excited to work in and come to each day. I can't wait to show you the reveal (soon)! 

As the summer comes to an end B and I are heading to Europe for our annual (end of) summer vacation. This will be the third year in a row we head East in late September / early October. The weather is still really nice but the cities are back to work after their August vacations and the kids are back in school. This will be a much needed break for the two of us since it seems like all we've been doing is working on the design studio and following my father (who's doing the construction) with paint brushes! 

I've lived this summer vicariously through the many instagramer's I follow. For this upcoming trip I am inspired by designer Emily Henderson's trip to Spain and her Flea Marketing while there. 

Emily Henderson Flea Market

I've been googling all the flea markets and great antique stores within a 50mile radius of all our destination locations: Florence, Venice, Aviano, Cortina (and that's just Italy). Looks like there is going to be one right in the heart of Venice when we're there - so I'll be sure to hit that one up while there. Follow the trip and flea market finds on my instagram account: pinneydesigns

Happy September Everyone!