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Interior Designer, Cambridge, Boston, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  


Ellisha Alexina in Office!

Elizabeth Tobin

A few weeks back we had up and coming textile designer Ellisha Alexina in the office to show us her collections! What we loved most was hearing about her process. The patterns are formulated through a mixed media technique that blends screen printing and hand painting each design, tradition meets technology. This is a technique she developed at art school and was encouraged to pursue, exclusively to the trade. What was so clear to see through her passionate presentation was the maker, right there, present and happy to share all that her experience has awarded her. It was encouraging to hear how the presence of a mentor, and years of 'getting it right', guided her to stepping out on a limb and launching her own textile brand.

Her Instagram offers daily inspiration of all aspects of Ellisha Alexina, from work desk sketches to global artisans making her designs come to life. It is definitely an account we scour for inspiration! We love when we get the opportunity to really get to know the vendors, craftsmen, and makers we work with in our projects. Keep up with us for more on industry movers and shakers we love!

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