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Before and After : North End Single Family

Elizabeth Tobin

Photo by  Ben Gebo , Artwork by Christina Baker 

Photo by Ben Gebo, Artwork by Christina Baker 

Originally, our North End Project was doused in a LOT of orange and deep peach colors. So, naturally, color became the key to opening up this home to become a bright and airy landing pad for our world traveling client! Take a look at our before and after pictures of this project below!


Breakfast Nook Before.jpg


Our clients home proved to be spatially challenging with small square footage on each floor and a lot of tight corners. To take advantage of some of the best natural light in the house we pulled together a balanced breakfast nook with a custom walnut table. The table, although perfect for a solo Sunday breakfast, extends to service larger dinner parties with friends.


Kitchen Before 2'.jpg


Kitchen - After.jpg

Airy, clean, and crisp. New window treatments, a pretty paint palette and a lot of re-imagining turned this single family, four floor home, into a stand out space to appreciate alone and with friends. See below for some before and after side by sides and be sure to keep up with us for more! 

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