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Style Spaces : The Home Office

Elizabeth Tobin

Inspired by today's snow storm and the rare times a year I get to work from home, I'm reminded how much I love designing home offices. The project throws in all sorts of elements of fun when you have to design a space with human productivity in mind. Clients want a space that brings about focus, relaxation, and creativity. It's a fun challenge to consider these spaces as a place for creation and with the right light, warmth, and atmosphere, the home office can be a great place for style that inspires!  


Beverly Farms Project, Photos by Ben Gebo


Cambridgeport Project, Photo by Ben Gebo

It's safe to safe that in design, good lighting is your friend. Whether it's natural or cosmetic, lighting is the first step to really seeing a space. Our Beverly Farms clients had amazing antique furniture that offered a seriousness that we felt fit perfectly into their home office. So we kept the wall color and custom shades light to pull in more natural light and allow for the warmth of their antiques to ground the space. You can keep it simple in spaces like this. A great art piece and a stunning hand woven rug is all you need sometimes. 

If you have a more modern style, organization can be key to designing a minimal and clean lined space. Our Cambridgeport clients opted for bright white storage that opened up to styled bookshelves and had the ability to close off and hide any clutter. What's so unique when working with clients who really want their home offices to represent them is you get to work for a clients creativity. You get to ask questions like "What lighting would be best for reading? How can I emphasize storage alongside style using custom builtins? What accents would bring a clients existing desk center stage? Want more inspiration for your home office? Scroll through our gallery below !

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