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Keeping It Custom : Window Treatments

Elizabeth Tobin

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Window Treatments Are The Icing on the Cake..

It’s true. Window treatments can either be subtle and simple or bold and statement making. We’ve done both. The opportunity for fun or seriousness depends upon the room and the clients they’re chosen for. There’s one thing that they always need to be, and that is purposeful.

There’s so much to consider when choosing window treatments. I find so often as a designer that it is this part of the process that clients ask for help with most. They know the function they need but can’t quite see how a space can feel that much more complete with the right window treatment selection. And I love this part of the process!

Take a look through the various shade options we’ve used in some our projects and tips on how to use them below!


Roman Shades

Pinney Designs projectLexington-3124 copy.jpg

Don’t be afraid to choose a fabric that is fun, even if it may scare you at first.

I promise, I promise, I promise, pattern is almost always a great choice for roman shades. Patterns and colors in roman shades pull together so many styling details in the space. This is the key to marrying function and style by offering privacy and a sense of completeness.

PinneyDesigns_UpweyWellesley_MasterBathTub_Final_SMALL copy.jpg
PinneyDesigns_UpweyWellesley_MasterBathVanityHoriz_Final_SMALL copy.jpg
ACK_int_031 copy.jpg

Woven Shades

_BGP7809 copy.jpg
Wovne Resize.jpg

Drapery Panels

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PinneyDesigns_UpweyWellesley_LivingOverall_Final_SMALL copy.jpg

Go grand.

When the ceiling height and window style calls for it, go for long drapery panels. I love the length and elegance they give to a space. Drapery panel hardware also adds another decorative element that accentuates the room. Here’s a few of our favorites!


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