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Wallpaper, Subtle and Wild.

Elizabeth Tobin

Wallpaper is not what it used to be. Silks, watercolor, woven textiles, and the most unique materials are finding their way to the walls and their effect? Perfectly subtle and a little wild.


 Uniquely gorgeous prints like this Schumacher wallpaper above have allowed our clients to be daring in their design. This Cambridge, MA powder room ignited with life and a little drama upon installation of this print. The way bold wallpaper reflects in a tight space, like a powder room, can create quite a brilliant illusion of space and light. The point of wallpaper is to get it right. Without fear of the "pain" putting up wallpaper can be, our clients certainly did.

 Powder rooms are often where we use wallpaper the most. Reason being, woven wallpapers add a lot of texture without being too loud. Their popularity has allowed the options for woven wallpapers to transform over the years from only grass cloth to an array of silks. We used the grey version of Phillip Jeffries, Manila Hemp wallpaper in this Sudbury powder room. A favorite of ours and some of our clients, we've been able to use this pattern in a variety of projects. It's been put up on feature walls behind the bed in Master Bedrooms, and recently, in a Study room in Nantucket. 

Phillip Jeffries, Manila Hemp in Grey.

Phillip Jeffries, Manila Hemp in Grey.


 If the installation is done right by using the correct primer as a base, wallpaper doesn't have to the pain it once was to remove. Although I do recommend hiring a professional, the risk is worth the reward. That being said, I'll admit, we use wallpaper in small doses but never meet clients without bringing a few samples that wow. It's my job as a designer to take the worry away from the "what if" when they want to change their style up. Challenge accepted.

 Take a look at how we've used wallpaper in different spaces below. Try it in your own space. Don't let the legacy of labor wallpaper once had change your mind. There are tons of manufacturers that are leading and continuously innovating the market that we know you'd love. Feel free to comment below for recommendations on manufacturers we use and admire.

Be bold!


Now Introducing, SYD+SAM!

Elizabeth Tobin

 I have to admit it's been a VERY busy few months. The dog days are definitely over and with a whirlwind of two seasons blending themselves together, I'm finding myself in a winter that feels more like spring with so many things to share. Our studio is almost finished and I've given our address a new face. I've always had a special appreciation for stunning boutiques. The small corner shops and colorful markets I've seen across Europe and America inspire my design aesthetic. I've carried them with me in every floor plan and rendering i've created and I'm excited to announce that I've curated one of my own.

 SYD+SAM is a home decor and personal accessory boutique curated from vendors i've followed and loved throughout my experience in the interior design industry. It's the accents and alterations that can make a house a home. SYD+SAM is an independent business that makes that claim and i'm happy to introduce it to you. 

Above our custom SYD+SAM pillows is Priscilla Hayes Painted Prayer #98, acrylic on canvas.

Above our custom SYD+SAM pillows is Priscilla Hayes Painted Prayer #98, acrylic on canvas.

 The shops window displays act as a thumbnail of the store and are draped with a geometric yarn installation created by a great friend of mine Christine. With the freedom to separate this business from the firm, I hand picked each vendor for their artisan-ship and stand out products that pay attention to the little things. The shop sure stands on it's own. Full of statement furniture pieces like custom cabinets, local artwork, and hand pinched ceramics, SYD+SAM's doors are finally open after years of it being a dream. 

 Come by the shop and see what I've been up to all fall. SYD+SAM is open Tuesday through Sunday. 

Photoshoot in Beverly Farms

Emily Pinney

Recently Jessica and I spent a day in Beverly Farms on a project we've been working on for the past year. Nothing is more rewarding than photographing the finished space. It makes it possible for us to really appreciate all the hard work we love to do on a daily basis. 

We're still waiting to see the final images from our photographer Ben Gebo but in the mean-time here are some snaps from our Instagram feed. You can follow us at #pinneydesigns for all of our Instagram snaps and project updates. 

photoshoot pinney designs
Photoshoot Pinney Designs Emily
Pinney Emily Master Bedroom