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Hotel Vermont

Emily Pinney

B and I have been going to Vermont after Christmas for the past few years for a long weekend. Instead of actual gifts, we give ourselves a trip. It's been great. We don't have to worry about what the other person bought and making sure our gifts are equally great. 

This year we stayed at Hotel Vermont in downtown Burlington. It's the new hip hotel -- and from what I could tell -- the place to be seen. Although we didn't try either of their restaurants this year, they were packed every night with people enjoying the food, libations and live music. Next time! 

Hotel Vermont

Everyday, all day, the lounge by the lobby was filled with people enjoying hot chocolate and local beers by the fire. It was quite the cozy spot to rest and warm up by the fire after being out in the Vermont winter. 

The rooms were really well designed. I especially like the divided bathrooms; it was a cool concept. On one side of the entry was the shower and sink room, and on the other side was the toilet and second sink side. I thought it was a creative use of the space and gave us both our own sink -- who doesn't love that? Both 'rooms' had the same sliding doors but the shower room had two sliding doors closing it off. I loved the way it opened up the room. 

Hotel Vermont Shower Open
Hotel Vermont Closed

I also liked all the finishes they used and they mixed it all together so well. It looked effortless but I am sure someone spent a lot of time working on those schemes. In the room was a book about how everything came together with bios on all the local artisans who worked on the project.

The desk in the room (almost) made me want to get some work done. They even had a note book with graph paper... such cute touches. 

hotel vermont desk

Instead of work, though, we opened a bottle of wine and got ready for dinner. 

Have you stayed at Hotel Vermont? If so what did you think about it? Does anyone have any other great hotels to try in Vermont?

I hope everyone had a great Holiday! 

Happy New Year!