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Keeping It Custom : Window Treatments

Elizabeth Tobin

PinneyDesigns_UpweyWellesley_KidsRoom_Final_SMALL copy.jpg

Window Treatments Are The Icing on the Cake..

It’s true. Window treatments can either be subtle and simple or bold and statement making. We’ve done both. The opportunity for fun or seriousness depends upon the room and the clients they’re chosen for. There’s one thing that they always need to be, and that is purposeful.

There’s so much to consider when choosing window treatments. I find so often as a designer that it is this part of the process that clients ask for help with most. They know the function they need but can’t quite see how a space can feel that much more complete with the right window treatment selection. And I love this part of the process!

Take a look through the various shade options we’ve used in some our projects and tips on how to use them below!


Roman Shades

Pinney Designs projectLexington-3124 copy.jpg

Don’t be afraid to choose a fabric that is fun, even if it may scare you at first.

I promise, I promise, I promise, pattern is almost always a great choice for roman shades. Patterns and colors in roman shades pull together so many styling details in the space. This is the key to marrying function and style by offering privacy and a sense of completeness.

PinneyDesigns_UpweyWellesley_MasterBathTub_Final_SMALL copy.jpg
PinneyDesigns_UpweyWellesley_MasterBathVanityHoriz_Final_SMALL copy.jpg
ACK_int_031 copy.jpg

Woven Shades

_BGP7809 copy.jpg
Wovne Resize.jpg

Drapery Panels

ACK_int_024 copy.jpg
PinneyDesigns_UpweyWellesley_LivingOverall_Final_SMALL copy.jpg

Go grand.

When the ceiling height and window style calls for it, go for long drapery panels. I love the length and elegance they give to a space. Drapery panel hardware also adds another decorative element that accentuates the room. Here’s a few of our favorites!


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Holiday Entertaining : Tips and Tidbits!

Elizabeth Tobin

Rhode Island Project

Rhode Island Project


Holiday hosting can and should be fun!

There’s a process. Plop down the gifts, take your guests coats, escort them to the appetizers and drinks, finish the final touches, wrangle your family for help setting the table, get this person that, help uncle Mike find the pint glasses, refill the nuts jar, try not to burn the gravy, get grandma at the table first.. Whatever your process or tradition, the holidays can feel like a lot, especially if you are hosting. But it shouldn’t be!

Having your style essentials at hand can help keep things simple and organized. I love to make use of trays and tableware when we host at home. Even if our holiday gatherings are on the smaller side (we like to keep it simple, and quiet!) hosting is still a great feat. Here’s a few holiday spaces I pulled from our portfolio to keep you inspired to take on the season!

ACK_int_012 copy.jpg
Sudbury Project

Sudbury Project


Let your guests do the work and keep your stations separate.

Setting the stage is 70% of the work. I love to have my holiday entertaining set up interactive and inclusive. Stacking plates for self serving can still have style! Even in a traditional dining room like the one in our Sudbury project above.

Make use of your space. Have a gorgeous hutch that sits outside the dining room? Save it for dessert space. Keeping your serving stations separate can make the house feel bigger. The holidays are a time to get everyone together to share a meal and admittedly indulge in the spirit of the season! So keep the bar seperate, plus its such a fun space to style!

OakHill_HammattOrleans_KitchenBar_Final_SMALL copy.jpg
Pinney Designs Barrington project-1531 copy.jpg
PinneyDesigns_UpweyWellesley_KitchenBarVignette_Final_SMALL copy.jpg
Pinney Designs Revision 2-2 copy.jpg

Want to see what we’re loving this holiday season, peek below!
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Our Serving Style

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Design Details : Backsplashes

Elizabeth Tobin

Ann Sacks, Hexagon Tile

Ann Sacks, Hexagon Tile


A place to play with texture..

Whether exciting or subtle, a backsplash is a cornerstone element of a well designed kitchen. We’ve been able to play with a few different styles in recent projects that are subtle, textured, and unique.

A smaller size tile is great for a larger surface area. When you have a bright white kitchen that brings in a lot of natural light it can be fun to take advantage of that sunshine. In a few spaces we chose a backsplash option that has a bit of shine in its finish to draw attention to the heart of a kitchen / dining space : the stove and bar!

ACK_int_003 copy.jpg
New Ravenna Scallop, Mother of Pearl

New Ravenna Scallop, Mother of Pearl

Pinney Designs Revision 2-2-2 copy.jpg
Ann Sacks, Custom Ombre Pattern by Pinney Designs

Ann Sacks, Custom Ombre Pattern by Pinney Designs


Trying something new..

Our city farmhouse kitchen was an exciting design. There were so many daring design decisions that make this kitchen a defining space for me. We worked with contrast here to give the idea of a kitchen backsplash an industrial but modern life. And to introduce a kitchen with no cabinets above the sink or stove, was a total risk!

Our client wanted to implement an industrial look and feel. So, our goal became adding history to a newly constructed home without making it feel like it was confusing new and old. We white washed the brick to complement the white walls in the kitchen and furthered the industrial feel by painting the wood framed window black to appear like iron.

Want to see more of these projects? Take a look at our portfolio!

pinney_designs-005 copy.jpg

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